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We deliver the following services:


Raison d'être. A good French expression. For what reasons does your organisation exist? What motivates you to exist in a sustainable future? We believe that the most important thing with sustainability and CSR management is a clear direction. We can help formulate a strategy to build a sustainable business. A strategy linked to your mission and purpose. And maybe you then realize that you may need to tweak that mission? 


Plan. Do. Check. Act. A much used English phrase. But nonetheless very important. How can your strategy become reality? How do you work systematically and keep track of your progress? We have experience of management system implementation and review. We can help you set targets, draw up audit plans and so on. We and our partners are committed to working effectively and efficiently using international standards such as ISO 26000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. 


Jantelagen (The Law of Jante) A word expressing the Swedish attitude towards success. Unfortunately we in the Nordics have not been so great at telling our sustainability success stories. And also struggle with being open about our true challenges. Soon, many organisations will be directly, or indirectly, affected by the European legislation on non-financial reporting and reporting of diversity that was passed in 2015.  At TomorrowToday you find Anna Bruun Månsson and Hanna Bremander, experts in sustainability reporting and GRI.  We also co-operate with graphic designers who make the reports attractive to the reader. 

Together with other consultants in our network, we can deliver a whole solution for your organisation. From gap analyses to frameworks. From a communication strategy to a final sustainability report. From an baseline analysis to a certified management system. Or something else? 

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