16 maj, 2019

For the last two days, we have participated in the Sustainability Leaders Congress in Berlin.

Joined by more than 150 representatives from the international sustainability community, we have discussed acuteness, innovation, trust building and the need to stop confusing ”doing less harm” with ”having a positive impact”. Read on for some reflections and a few take aways from the conference.

  • Future resilience – It is clear that the international sustainability community is ready to kill CSR. Instead, we gaze into the future of resilience. In order to achieve true transformation, we have to stop talking about sustainability as an add-on. Instead we have to get better at understanding how these issues can be addressed through creativity and innovation, throughout business functions.
  • Pioneer communities – enable a grassroot movement in the company. Top management buy-in is key, we all agree on that. However, we should not underestimate the power of the people to really make an impact.
  • Consciousness – The need for new consciousness in business. How we got lost in multitasking and are now increasingly finding our way back to conscious decision-making to spur creativity and collaboration.  (Taso and Laszlo, 2019)
  • Time to say goodbye to your beginners belt when you’re up for the black belt? Today, companies are often over-asked to report. How many reporting standards and guidelines are companies able to handle simultaneously? And when is it time to lose your beginners belt as your organization matures?


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