3 December, 2019

With the increase in public scrutiny of ESG performance data, especially regarding CO2 emissions, companies face intensified challenges in relation to transparency and performance ratings.

In October, Dagens Industri (in Swedish) launched a new initiative which reviews the carbon emissions disclosure of 124 Swedish companies listed on the stock market. This is yet another example of the increasing scrutiny listed companies in Sweden and the Nordics are under when it comes to ESG performance.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) annually publishes its  “A-list” of global business leaders in environmental performance. This ranking assesses companies’ approach to disclosure – from awareness, to management, to leadership. Three disclosure aspects are appraised: climate change, water security and forests.

CDP’s A-list is a globally-recognized rating mechanism that provides a competitive advantage against competitors that choose not to align their reporting to CDP. Furthermore, CDP data is considered best practice and it is increasingly being considered by investors through their portfolio analysis.

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