4 september, 2020

During the late spring we had another great opportunity to host an intern. Some university programs offer their students an internship module, instead of a traditional course. We try our best to open our workplace and engage our clients to make such internships relevant. This time, the intern was Rowan Drury, a student at the Masters program for Environmental Management and Policy at the IIIEE in Lund. And the client was Picadeli. Rowan came with a lot of useful experience, but more importantly with an open mind and a lust to spend a few weeks digging into her task. We were all struggling to get used to a new online work and study life due to the Covid-19 crisis, and our client was struggling to keep business going in Europe. But still we all felt that this ended up as win-win-win. Rowan got to test her knowledge and skills on a live project, we as consultants learnt a lot from the results and our client received a report and presentation packed with useful insights. What we learnt from this, is that even in these challenging times, we can still engage with students looking for internships. It really is worth the time and effort. Thank you Picadeli for all your support.

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