Our team

Hanna Bremander

Sustainability advisor +46 (0)730 30 63 35

Hanna works as sustainability advisor with specific focus on strategy and reporting. She is experienced in conducting gap analyses and materiality analyses with the aim to develop strategic ambitions and actions plans for sustainability. As part of these analyses, Hanna often plans and conducts stakeholder dialogues, including interviews with management and board representatives, investors, customers and employees. Hanna often takes on the role as project lead regarding materiality analyses and stakeholder dialogues, as well as the production of sustainability reports. This often also includes mapping against the UN Global Goals and sector specific expectations, as well as leading workshops and company specific trainings. Hanna is experienced in taking on the role as long-term strategic and operative sustainability resource working both remotely and as a on-loan resource, e.g in the role of sustainability strategist. Hanna holds a bachelor’s degree in Business, Language and Culture and a Master in Business & Development Studies from Copenhagen Business School.

Christian Lannerberth

Sustainability advisor +46 (0)735 06 12 02

Christian is an advisor within sustainable development, focusing on strategy and business development. He is also a subject-matter expert in systematic risk management and operating on high-risk markets, including a two-years posting to Bangladesh. Christian has wide experience of developing and managing projects, as well as establishing successful partnerships between corporate, public and not-for-profit organisations. He holds an MSc in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and a Master of Political Science from Stockholm and Lund Universities. Previously, Christian has worked as a management consultant and with sustainable business at WaterAid and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

Anamaria Vargas

Sustainability advisor +46 (0)702 47 76 47

Anamaria works with strategic sustainability issues with a special focus on UN Sustainable Development Goals, anticorruption and leadership for sustainability. She has experience in training companies as well as developing and managing projects. Anamaria has worked at Bogota’s Chamber of Commerce as international cooperation analyst and as coordinator for the UN Global Compact network in Colombia. She has a B.A. in International Relations with focus on international law and human rights from Externado University of Colombia, as well as a M.A. in International Public Management from Sciences Po-Paris. Anamaria recently finished a second Master in Leadership for Sustainability from Malmö University.

Are you out there?

We are always looking for more consultants who share our values.

We are looking for consultants with a genuine interest in driving societal change. Contact our colleague Hanna Bremander, hanna@tomorrowtoday.se

We have fun. But we still acknowledge the seriousness.

Having a sense of humour is an important part of our workplace. We believe in the power of highlighting the positive examples and spreading hope about the future. Yet, we don’t shut our eyes to global challenges and we are driven by the opportunity to get more people to see the earnestness.

We are flexible. But we have limits.

It is key for us to have a good relationship with our clients. To be flexible is a part of our role as consultants. We must be attentive and responsive to our clients’ needs. At the same time, our own integrity as a company and as individuals is important to us.

We love recycling. But not when it comes to ideas.

We make sure our clients greatly benefit from the experience we have gathered. But we don’t allow ready-made concepts to steer our work. Cross-industry references contribute to finding new ways. We like new techniques and help clients to adapt their business to tomorrow’s reality.

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