What’s the best solution for you?

We mainly work as long-term advisors to our clients, which can involve being an interim resource, offering both part or full-time in-house support. Together we can create a solution that fits your company best.

Finding solutions together

We often support clients as an extra resource over a longer period. In roles such as Sustainability Manager, strategist or coordinator. All depending on your requirements.

An interim resource is the ideal solution when companies have a temporary need for resources with relevant and flexible skills. And when they need them quickly. Examples are many and include supporting individuals or the entire management team with specialist expertise in sustainability during strategy work. Or having an extra resource that supports the company’s sustainability manager strategically and operationally in their everyday tasks.

Some of our interim assignments include analysis and working with clients to develop an appropriate role and requirements profile to fulfill a longer-term recruitment need.

We work as both a part-time or full-time interim resource, depending on the solution that fits your requirements.

Find out how an interim solution can be right for your company. Contact our CEO Hanna Bremander at hanna@tomorrowtoday.se

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