• On-loan sustainability advisor


Hanna Bremander hanna@tomorrowtoday.se 0730 30 63 35

We like it best when we can be part of our clients’ sustainability journey. Sometimes we get on board just as this journey starts. Other times, like in the case of Lekolar, we get to support a company that has already come far but wants to set ambitious goals and implement them throughout the organization. While at the same time keep policies updated, have a structured and risk-based approach to supply chain management and provide employee sustainability training. In the case of Lekolar, we support the organization on a “on-loan” basis, a couple of hours per week.

We asked Pierre Lennartsson, sustainability manager at Lekolar, about how it has been to have a part-time sustainability resource over the last year:

“For a growing business as ours, it is very valuable to be able to scale up our sustainability efforts, while testing how and where efforts are best put to use. Having an ‘on-loan’ sustainability resource enables us to make sure that we get things done. While having enough flexibility to deal with the unexpected.  One positive outcome is that we have been able to enhance links between different business functions, as sustainability is not achieved working in isolation. Another positive thing is being able to tap into TomorrowToday’s expertise and network”.

Lekolar is the Nordic market leader in creating pedagogical environments for pre-schools and schools by providing educational products and material, furniture, arts and craft products, playground equipment as well as consumables for both pupils and teachers. With the overall aim to help teachers make every child blossom.


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