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Anna Bruun Månsson 0707 66 62 13

During 2018/2019 our senior consultant, Anna Brunn Måsson has worked part-time as a temporary employee at Perstorp Group, whose headquarters are located in Malmö.

Perstorp has started an ambitious journey to become Finite Material Neutral, which implies a strong focus on transitioning to new ways of producing and new types of products.

The project has had various focus areas, adapting itself to Perstorp’s specific needs of different competencies and to where the company has needed extra support to drive their work forward. The assignment has primarily laid its attention to implementing the company’s sustainability strategy, working with its internal sustainability communication and conducting dialogue with different stakeholders such as customers, owners and partners.

“Besides the fact that Anna has the competencies and the context knowledge that we require at this point, we appreciate as well that there are complementing competencies at TomorrowToday that Anna has made sure we benefit from.”

Cecilia Svensson, VP Group Communications & Sustainability


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