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In most of our assignments, we provide continuous guidance to our clients during prolonged periods of time. We work with defining what needs to be done and how it can be done and implemented. From gap analysis to the implementation of an action plan. From a communicative idea to a complete sustainability report.

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To give a lecture to a group of students at Lund University one day and to hold a workshop for a board of directors of a large listed company the next day is part of our everyday. These are two types of assignments that require a whole-hearted effort and where we want to contribute to an increased commitment to sustainability. We also speak at or moderate conferences.


We give trainings in various different contexts. It can be a Lunch & Learn for one of our clients with the goal of highlighting a specific topic in the organisation. Here are some other examples:

  • Taylor-made trainings, including on UN Sustainable Development Goals, GRI reporting, fundamentals of sustainability, as well as climate and environment courses
  • Inspirational lectures to associations, business events or similar
  • Assignments as lecturers and workshop leaders for college and university programs

We also create and conduct courses on behalf of Aktuell Hållbarhet, in Stockholm, and for CSR Västsverige, in Gothenburg. We are proudly Associate Partners of MESPOM, a consortium of European educational institutions that provide Master programmes to international students.


Well-conducted workshops are often an important key to engaging and anchoring the work-change that sustainability often entails. Workshops are also a positive element of conferences and other events. Some examples are:

  • Workshops to boards of directors to prioritise sustainability issues for the development of a sustainable strategy
  • Workshops to identify risks with special focus on sustainability risks
  • Workshop for validation of materiality analysis in accordance to GRI standards
  • Workshops in connection with conferences and events

We have led workshops with management teams of Zound Industries, Lekolar and Axis, among others.


In many cases, moderating could resemble juggling. The ability to juggle speakers and the public, time and technique. But it is also the ability to contribute to the organiser achieving its goal with an event, in the best possible way.

We welcome moderation assignments such as:

  • Moderation of breakfast and lunch seminars
  • Moderation of panel debates during conferences or other events
  • Moderation of evens in connection with Almedal’s week.

We moderate unhindered in Swedish and English.

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