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About the project

”I am happy to say that our team and I received great support from TomorrowToday, throughout the process. They were knowledgeable, flexible and easy to work with. As a company, we are constantly pushing the boundaries and working on improving every aspect of the business. In working with the sustainability agenda, it is very useful to have an outsider’s view on the way ahead.”

Sara Hyléen, Director of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Tobii Group.

The Tobii Group is a multinational company with Swedish roots. With head office in Stockholm, the Group has three business units; Tobii Dynavox, Tobii Pro and Tobii Tech. User experience and participation for the many are common denominators across business units, as the group strives towards a vision of a world where all technology works in complete harmony with natural human behavior. Together with Tobii’s project team we worked on the Group’s combined Annual and Sustainability Report for FY 2017, Tobii’s second report following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This was the Tobii Group’s first Annual Report report in line with the new sustainability information requirements in the Annual Accounts Act. During the process, a gap analysis and a limited business review was conducted. Stakeholder interviews with investor, board, employee and county council representatives were also held. Materiality and priorities were discussed in a workshop setting with members of the Tobii sustainability team. TomorrowToday also assisted with data collection and quality assessment of the data reported. We look forward to accompanying Tobii onwards!


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